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Reminder letters

Your optometrist will determine the interval recommended before your next examination.   We will write when you are due for an examination.  

Contact lenses wearers  

At least once a year

The NHS has recently issued guidelines as to how often, in the normal course of events, people are entitled to have an NHS sight test...

Children under 16 years old, in the absence of any binocular vision anomaly

1 Year

Children under 7 years with binocular vision anomaly or corrected refractive error

6 months

Children aged 7-16 years with rapidly progressing myopia (short sight)  

6 months

Patients 16-70 years old  

2 Years

Patients over 70 years old  

1 Year

Patients over 40 with a family history of glaucoma, or with ocular hypertension and not in a monitoring scheme         

1 Year

Diabetic patients   

 1 Year

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